• Individual clients with equities account, international equities account, and derivatives account will earn 1 promotion points for every 100 Bath of commission fee charged.
  • Clients would earn extra points in 2 cases as follows;
       1) Clients trades within the month of birth will get double points (x2).The company will calculate the extra point (x2) f
    rom commission fees of all trading accounts that exceed 100,000 baht occurred within the month of birth.
       2) Client with Block Trade execution will earn 10 points for every transaction.
       3) Client introduces a new client to open account with KTZMICO Securities (the new client means those who haven’t had
        applied for the following product accounts, equities, international equities, or derivatives, open KTZMICO prior
        to 3 July 2017).The referrer will earn 200 points when the referrer clients collectively spend 250 baht of commission
        fee on any and all newly opened accounts (account/ international equities account/derivatives account) within a month
        after account approval.
  • Clients could earn reward points from 3 July – 29 December 2017. The accumulate points can be exchanged for prizes listed by the company. Every 2,000 points could be redeem for a 1,000 baht of gift voucher limited up to 50,000 baht of gift vouchers (Maximum of 100,000 Points)
  • The redemption period is during 8-31 January 2018 and can be made via www.ktzmico.com or your marketing. The reward cannot be refundable.
  • The remaining points, after redemption, will be automatically deleted. The point cannot be transferable to others.
  • The company will delivery rewards by registered mail according to client’s address for sending report and statement, after close redemption system.
  • The company reserves rights to change reward and points, instead by the equivalence one, in case the chosen item is out of stock.
  • Only individual clients of KT ZMICO can join this campaign. KT ZMICO’s employees are not eligible for this campaign.
  • The company reserves the rights to changes terms, conditions, and rewards without prior notice base on the decision made by the company. The company judgment is finalized.

*** Clients can do redeem transaction only one time ***