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Account opening for Futures trading (Derivatives)

* New Account

  1. Download and print the application, which comprises:
    1. Securities Trading Application Form - Individual
    2. Two Specimen Signature Cards
    3. Securities Brokerage Agreement
    4. KTZMICO Business Information
    5. Suitability Test
    6. Power of Attorney and Two Specimen Signature Cards
      (If any Attorney-in-fact)
    7. FATCA Form

  2. Fill in and sign all documents. Please note that your signature on all documents will be acceptable according to Thai law only if it is the same as appears in your passport.

  3. Required documents for opening an account are described below. All documents must be certified as a true copy by signing each. Note that your signature must be the same as shown in your passport.

      3.1) Account Owner
      • Two copies of Thai ID. Card (Thai)
      • A copy of your House Registration at the page of which name and address are shown. (Thai)
      • Two copies of Passport that shows your passport details and signature (Foreigner)
      • A copy of your Bank Statement for the last 3 months/ or Financial Statement
      • A current salary slip
      • THB 30.-Duty Stamp

      3.2) Beneficiary/ Co-beneficiary/ Controlling person (if any)

      • A copy of ID.Card (Thai)/ A copy of Passport (Foreigner)

      3.3) Attorney-in-Fact (if any)

      • A copy of ID.Card (Thai)/ A copy of Passport (Foreigner)
      • A copy of House Registration at the page of which name and address are shown. (Thai)
      • Two Specimen Signature Cards
      • THB 30.- Duty Stamp for each Attorney-in-fact  (If any Attorney-in-fact)

  4. Please mail the above documents along with the fee for duty stamp to the address below:

    Ms. Pattaraporn Chettanacharoenchai
    Derivatives Department
    KT ZMICO Securities Co., Ltd.
    8th Floor, Liberty Square 287 Silom Road,
    Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand

  5. After the company receives and checks the accuracy of the application form together with the required document, we will send an account number to the customer within 7 working days.

Further information, please contact Derivatives Center
at 66 2 695-5501, 66 2 695-5505 or fax at 66 2 695-5599, or email at

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