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Existing clients who wish to open an online trading account

Process to Open an Additional Account (existing clients only)

  1. Download and print the following forms:
    1. Request for Change of Account Information: Please check at “ Order Submitted Via Internet System” and also check at “Internet A/C.”
    2. KTZMICO Business Information
    3. FATCA Form
  2. Complete the documents in No. 1 above and sign where required. Please note that your signature must be the same as shown in the Specimen Signature Cards.
  3. Forward the documents in No. 1 above to your designated marketing officer.
  4. Once received, and subject to acceptance, your designated marketing officer will notify you that account has been opened within 7 working days.

If you have any inquiry, please contact our Customer Service Center at or call (66) 2695-5500.

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