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CG Policy

KTZMICO Securities Company Limited joins the Dispute Settlement by Arbitration project of Securities and Exchange Commission. In case of any complaints about our company’s operation, please contact Compliance and Internal Audit department at
66 2695-5023

In case of not satisfied with the company’s solution, you are able to request to settle dispute by Arbitration in order to reach to the Arbitration procedure of Securities and Exchange Commission.

More information, please visit at

The company realizes the importance of good corporate governance and compliance with the principles outlined by the Stock Exchange of Thailand, as well as the evaluation of criteria based on the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) related to the principle of corporate governance, with the aim
to upgrade the company's standards, as follows:

  • Philosophy of Work
  • Policies Concerning the Board of Directors
  • Structure of the Board of Directors
  • Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
  • Work Performance of the Board of Directors
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Management
  • Policy Related to Conflicts of Interest
  • Policy Related to Internal Control and Risk Management
  • Policy Related to Accounting and Financial Transactions
  • Policy Related to the Trading of Securities

The Board of Directors established principles of corporate governance in order to guarantee an efficient, transparent and accountable business enterprise which strictly abides by and operates within the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.

KTZMICO is the one of a member in Securities Investor Protection Fund or SIPF and also a member of Derivatives Investor Protection Fund: DIPF which has been established in order to guarantee the confidence to investors in the stock market and derivatives market through brokers who are members of mentioned funds. The investors will acquire the protection of property that given trust to the brokers. Learn more about SIPF Fund Click here and learn more about DIPF Fund Click here


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