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Press Release

26 Feb 2014

TFEX Update: Suspend and terminate 6M THBFIX Futures

Dear         All Respective Customers

Subject     Suspend and terminate 6M THBFIX Futures

         Thailand Futures Exchange PCL (TFEX) has approved from the Securities and Exchange Commission for the cancellation of 6M THBFIX Futures, effective from Monday 17 March, 2014 onwards and would like to clarify and inform the action guidelines as follows:

1. 6M THBFIX Futures in all 4 period contracts which are TBF6H14, TBF6M14, TBF6U14 and TBF6Z14, will be traded until Friday 14 March, 2014 (4.00 pm.). By implementing Daily Settlement Price continue to follow the current guidelines.

2. In the system for 6M THBFIX Futures contract in all 4 of the above contract since 17 March 2014 onwards will perform the following :

  • Trading system for 6M THBFIX Futures will still appear in all 4 of the above contract until the expiration of each contract which the customer cannot execute any orders.
  • Information system ex. TFEX website, SET Smart will show the suspension of trading (Halt : H) on 6M THBFIX Futures contract in all 4 of the above contract.

Once the new trading system (Cinnober) began operations in May, it will be cancelled the information and dissemination on all contracts of 6M THBFIX Futures.

3.In cases where there may be remaining (Open Interest) of 6M THBFIX Futures Contracts on March 14, 2014, the last day of such contracts can be traded. TFEX will be closed as such Open Interest contract by implementing of the settlement price follow the above guidelines.

Please kindly be acknowledged.

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