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Press Release

26 Jun 2014

TFEX Update: Thailand Futures Exchange plans to terminate Silver Futures


Dear       All Respective Customers

Subject   Thailand Futures Exchange plans to terminate Silver Futures


       Thailand Futures Exchange PCL (TFEX), under the Stock Exchange of Thailand group, is planning to remove Silver Futures from its trading board due to an absence of the London Silver Fixing benchmark which will terminate its business in August. The removal plan is seeking an approval from The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which should be finalized by this early August.


       Following the London Silver Market Fixing Limited announcement, it would cease to administer London Silver Fixing and a daily Silver Fixing Price with effect from close of business on August 14, 2014. As such, the termination will impact directly on Silver Futures trading on TFEX since the final settlement price of the futures is based on London Silver Fixing.


       For any investor who interest in Silver Futures contracts traded in this period of time should monitor and consider the risk before trading.

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