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Press Release

6 Mar 2015

To terminate Z-Liberty Chart program

Dear                      Clients,

Subject                 To terminate Z-Liberty Chart program

KT ZMICO has necessary to terminate  the service of  Z-Liberty Chart program through , Znet Plus and Znet Xpress program since March 27th , 2015 onwards.

Since February 2nd, 2015, the company has already provided  ASPEN program as replacement with a wide range of investment functions, technical tools including real time news during trading hours.  You are able to access ASPEN program after login to  However,  ASPEN program will be available via ZNET Plus and ZNET Xpress program starting from  March 29th , 2015 onwards.

If you face out any problem in accessing ASPEN program , please contact Technical Support Tel: 02 695 5556 or email:

We apologize for any inconvenience in this regard.

Best regards,
KT ZMICO Securities Co., Ltd.


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