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Press Release

22 Jul 2016

TFEX Update: Guideline for suspension/delisting of Brent Crude Oil Futures

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Dear      All Respective Customers
Subject  Guideline for suspension/delisting of Brent Crude Oil Futures
            Due to Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has been inform that ICE will modify its policy in publishing the ICE Brent Index. This will result in the lack of underlying data for calculating final settlement price of Brent Crude Oil Futures.
             To prepare for the upcoming changes, the following is a guideline for the suspension/delist of Brent Crude Oil Futures: 
             1. No new series will be generated. 
              TFEX will not generate any new series of Brent Crude Oil Futures from June 2016 onwards. Therefore, the last contract generated for trading will be the contract  that expires in August 2016 (BRQ16). 
               2. Effective from July 4, 2016, the following steps will be taken for existing series: 
                • For series with open interest: The contract will remain available for trading until the expiry date. 
                • For series with NO open interest: TFEX will suspend the contract from the Night Session on the day that the contract has no remaining open interest. However, the trading system and the information dissemination system will display such series until expiration. 
                 More details you can read more from attachment.


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