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Press Release

22 Sep 2017

TFEX Update : The Guideline for final settlement price EARTH Futures (EARTHU17)

Dear     All Customers


            The Stock Exchange of Thailand has suspended trading of Energy Earth Public Company Limited (EARTH)’s securities and Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) has also suspended trading of EARTH futures contracts effective from June 15, 2017 onwards.


            To prepare for final settlement price of EARTH futures contract which will be expired in September 2017 (EARTHU17), TFEX would like to inform the guideline as follows:


  • In case the suspension of EARTH’s securities is lifted and can be trade on the last trading day – TFEX will calculated the Final Settlement Price using Volume Weighted Average Price of EARTH’s common stocks on the last trading day, taken at the last fifteen-minute interval, and the closing price of EARTH’s common stocks on the same day and rounded to the nearest two decimal points.


  • In case EARTH’s securities are still suspended and cannot be traded on the last trading day – The person with the contract Positions can undertake cash settlement or close the contract positions for the receipt or delivery of the underlying assets through One of the following methods: (For more details, see attached)
  • Option 1: Cash settlement
  • Options 2: Closing contract position through EFP (Exchange of Futures for Physicals) transaction

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