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Press Release

24 Jan 2018

TFEX Update:Changing Margin Requirement

Dear       All Customers

Subject Changing Margin Requirement


                Due to notification from Thailand Clearing House Co.,Ltd. (TCH) on change in margin requirement in the following


  • BANPU Futures from 1,626.40 THB increase to 2,280 THB
  • DELTA Futures from 5,130 THB increase to 7,220 THB
  • GPSC Futures from 8,360 THB increase to 11,780 THB
  • SCB Futures from 5,510 THB increase to 8,626 THB


The Derivatives Center would like inform about the following change which will be effective on January 29, 2018 onwards.

Margin 290118E.pdf
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