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11 May 2016
Update : 11 May 2016 0 :0

The Trading Date of TRUE-T1 (NVDR) is between May 12th - 23rd , 2016.


Dear           Clients,

Subject      The Trading Date of TRUE-T1 (NVDR) is between May 12th - 23rd , 2016.


Please be notified that Transferable Subscription Right of True Corporation Public Company Limited Tranche 1 (TRUE-T1) will be traded on the SET between May 12th - 23rd, 2016. Then, it will be suspended trading starting from May 24th till June 22nd, 2016, onwards, and to be delisted from the SET on June 23rd, 2016 due to its expiration.


Transferable Subscription Right

Subscription Right
Underlying Asset Exercise Ratio Exercise
Price (Baht)
Last Trading Date Exercise Period Exercise Date
TRUE-T1 TRUE 1 : 1 7.15 May 23rd ,2016 June 7th – 21st ,2016 June 22nd ,2016


Please note that the Transferable Subscription Right of TRUE-T1 has the trading period only 7 business days. In case clients don’t hold TRUE-T1, please make decision carefully to invest in this transferable subscription right. If the clients hold and do not intend to exercise, please sell TRUE-T1 during its trading period, May 12th - 23rd, 2016. 


Further information, please contact your designated marketing officer 


Best Regards,
KT Zmico Securities Co., Ltd

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