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27 Apr 2017
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Limitation of investment in Thai stock market for Foreign Investors

Limitation of investment in Thai stock market for Foreign Investors
To be entitled for the financial benefits, the foreign Investors have to buy shares in Foreign board or local board with NVDR attachment.
To invest Thai stock in foreign board
     • you will be entitled for all financial benefit such as right issue, dividend and voting right.  
     • However, you may sometime face some difficulty to buy or sell your stock in foreign board due to low turnover.
To invest Thai stock in local board with NVDR attachment. 
     • You will be entitled for dividend and right issue only. 
     • You don’t have voting right.
     • However, you will not face out any difficulty of trading as sometime in foreign board.
Remark: Thai NVDR are able to hold shares of financial institutions or their parent companies over 10.00 percent but do not exceed 25.00 percent of total paid-up capital of the financial institution in question, or in cases where BOT has granted Thai NVDR permission to hold shares in excess of the limits stated in Sections 18 and 55 of the Financial Institutions Businesses Act B.E. 2551 (2008).
We strongly recommend the foreign investors invest stock in Local board with NVDR attachment or Foreign board for financial benefits. if you accidentally buy stock in local board without NVDR, you should convert shares to foreign board or NVDR in order to receive its future financial benefits. In this case, we cannot guarantee that you can convert shares from local board to NVDR or foreign board on time because sometimes the room for the foreign stock holding is full. 
Best Regards,
KT ZMICO Securities Co., Ltd
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