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31 Oct 2017
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The procedure for handling fail of securities deliver by using pending settlement

Dear Valued Customer,

       Thailand Clearing House Co., Ltd. (TCH) has announced the procedures for handling fail of securities deliver as the international standards which have the details as follow;
1.    In case of the failed securities delivery to the eligible recipients, TCH will use the Pending Settlement Process which it will be effective on the settlement and delivery date on November 6,  2017 onward.
2.    Termination of Pending Deliver Position by using “Cash Settlement” which it will be effective on November 10, 2017 onward.
3.    The implementation of the two-day clearing and settlement cycle (T+2) from the current T+3 cycle which will be effective on the trading transaction date on March 2, 2018 and the settlement date on March 6, 2018 onward.


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Best regards,

KT ZMICO Securities Co., Ltd

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