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30 Apr 2018
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Investment Governance Code : I Code


           KT ZMICO Securities Company Limited, realize our responsibilities to act in the best long term interest of our clients. In this fiduciary role, we believe that investment in companies that incorporate environmental, social responsibilities and governance factors into their business strategies and practices will lead to sustainable long-term value creation to our clients.

Therefore, KT ZMICO Securities Company Limited declare our adoption of the following Principles set out in the I Code issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand, and our commitment to implementation consistent with our role and fiduciary responsibilities:

    Principle 1:          Adopt a clear written Investment Governance Policy.

    Principle 2:          Properly prevent and manage conflicts of interest and prioritise
                             advancing the best interest of clients.

    Principle 3:          Make informed investment decisions and engage in active ongoing
                             monitoring of investee companies.

    Principle 4:          Apply enhanced monitoring of and engagement with the
                             investee companies if monitoring pursuant to Principle
                             3 is considered insufficient.

    Principle 5:          Have a clear policy on exercising voting rights and disclosure
                             of voting results.

    Principle 6:          Act collectively with other investors and stakeholders 
                             as appropriate.

    Principle 7:          Regularly disclose the Investment Governance Policy and
                             compliance with the policy.

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