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30 Apr 2009
Update : 30 Apr 2009 0 :0

The condition of holding Vayupak Fund I Type A



The Thai Securities Depository ( TSD )  has reminded the condition of  holding Vayupak Fund I Type A by reference from the VAYU I prospectus book subject to the fund holder as follow:

  1. Thai individual
  2. Co-operative, foundation, temple, school, hospital, donation charity and other corporate organized according to Thai law.
  3. Special Group such as the Privy Purse Bureau, Red Cross Society, Charity under royal patronage etc.
  4. Financial institution and mutual fund such as bank, finance company, securities company, credit , insurance company, government pension fund, provident fund, mutual fund, social security office etc.


Please notify that all foreign holder will not be entitled for all financial benefit such as dividend ,etc.


Please be informed accordingly.


KT ZMICO Securities Co., Ltd



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