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27 Nov 2015
Update : 27 Nov 2015 0 :0

KTZMICO : Thai NVDR announces investment in BBL


Dear Client,


According to the Bank of Thailand’s approval, allowing Thai NVDR Co., Ltd. to hold BBL stakes at a certain limit (following details on


As of November 26, 2015, the NVDR’s holding in BBL is approaching its limitation permission (details as shown in


Therefore, Thai NVDR will hold off investment in BBL to ensure that the holding will be capped at the certain level. Consequently, investors are unable to buy more NVDR in BBL (BBL-R), effective from November 27, 2015 onwards.


However, this will not affect the BBL-R sell-side investors, while trading on BBL’s common shares and BBL foreign share (BBL-F) remains operate normally.


Thai NVDR will notify investors for any updates when BBL’s NVDR holdings are adjusted to the investible level.


For more information, please visit and


Best Regards

KTZMICO Securities Co., Ltd.

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