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FAQs: For Foreign Investors Only

Account Opening
  How to open an account with KTZMICO?
  If I stay outside of Thailand and don’t have bank account in Thailand, can I open account with KTZMICO?
Cash Deposit
  How do I transfer funds to my trading account?
  How to remit funds from Overseas to KTZMICO’s Bank Account?
  How to transfer money via E-Transfer Funds Service?
  How to apply E-Transfer Funds?
  How to transfer money via ATS Service?
  How to apply ATS Service for cash deposit?
  How to transfer money via Internet Banking?
  How to notify my cash deposit?
  How long the funds will be updated in my trading account?
  If I stay outside of Thailand, which currency should I transfer funds to my trading account?
  Is there the limit amount for transfer funds?
  How to withdraw funds from my trading account?
  Is there minimum amount for cash withdrawal?
  When the fund will be credited to my bank account?
  Can I withdraw funds to my overseas bank?
  What is the brokerage/commission rates payable for trades done?
  What is NVDR?
  Why do I have to check at NVDR box when placing an order?
  If I forgot to check NVDR, what should I do?
  When I buy the property funds (REITs), why orders are rejected even though I checked NVDR?
  How to sell the odd lot shares?
  How can I check the historical cash movement?
  How can I check the historical stock movement?
  How can I check my historical dividend details?
Interest / Tax
  If I get the capital gain, do I have to pay tax?
  If my balance has the remaining cash, do I get the interest?
  Do I have to pay tax on interest?
  If I would like to get the dividend, which dates I have to buy and sell?
  Do I have to pay tax on dividend?
  How to receive the dividend?
  How to apply E-Dividend?
  If I have right to subscribe newly right issues shares/ exercise warrant / tender offer, what should I do?
Change Personal Information
  How to change my personal information?
  How to update my new passport?
Technical Problem
  If I forgot the password, what should I do?
  If I forget Pin ID, what should I do?
  Why my order was rejected?
KYC (Know your Client) / Suitability Test
  What is KYC (Know your Client)?
  What is Suitability Test?
  How can I do KYC and Suitability Test?
FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)
  What is FATCA?
  What are the indications of potential U.S. status?
  What is the required action if customers who are U.S. persons or appear to be U.S. persons wish to enter into financial transactions?
  If the customers are not U.S. persons and there is no indication of U.S. status and they do not wish to invest in instruments receiving income from U.S., do these customers need to fill form W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E?