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XR / Warrant / Tender
12 Dec 2013 The Right Issue Subscription of TFI (NVDR)


Dear :           KTZMICO Clients holding of TFI (NVDR)

Subject :      The Right Issue Subscription of TFI (NVDR)


Please be informed the right issue subscription details of TFI (NVDR) as follow;

Subscription ratio :

2 : 1 @ 1 Bt per share (subscription for the excess entitlement is eligible)


      Closing Price of TFI -NVDR on 9 Dec 2013          -.-- THB   


Subscription Period :

18-19 December 2013


Required Documents :

1. A Share Certificate of Rights Entitlement
2. A Subscription Form (signed)

3. Two copies of a valid passport signed your signature as true copy


Payment Method :

  1. A Cheque/ Cashier cheque / Draft (upcountry) which is collectable through the Bangkok Clearing House: Please indicate the date only in the period lasted by 19 December 2013

In case of the excess subscription, please include your payment (full subscription + excess subscription) in one check / cashier check only.


For clients who want to submit the subscription document by yourself, please contact at the below subscription agent;

Thai NVDR Company Limited,

The Stock Exchange of Thailand Building 4th Floor, 62 Rachadapisek Rd., Bangkok

Tel: 02-229-2800#2938-2946 

Very Important !!!  By hand submission only


However, if clients want to process your right issue subscription via KTZMICO, please submit all your required documents by post and arriving  KTZMICO  latest by 13 December 2013. For late submission, we will not take any responsibility for any loss may incur and we will assume that you intend not to subscribe for this right issue.


Mailing Address :

KT Zmico Securities Co., Ltd (XR: TFI-NVDR)
287 Liberty Square, 21st Floor , Operation Services Department,

Silom Road, Bangrak,

Bangkok 10500 THAILAND.


For further information; please contact your designated marketing officer.


Best Regards,
KT Zmico Securities Co., Ltd

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