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XR / Warrant / Tender
17 Mar 2017

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The Tender Offer of BFIT (NVDR) *Not to be delisted from SET

Attention to:     KTZMICO Clients Holding BFIT (NVDR)
Subject:           The Tender Offer of BFIT (NVDR) *Not to be delisted from SET


Tender Offer Price

11.42 THB/share (net price 11.389452 THB/share)


The Number of Shares for Tender Offer
As equal to the amount to be sold by the holder


Tender Offer Period

March 16th  – April 19th, 2017


Tender Offer Settlement Date
April 27th, 2017


Last Buying Date for Tender Offer
April 10th, 2017


Required Documents
  1. A Tender Offer Acceptance Form for NVDR (Signed)

  2. A Power of Attorney (Signed)

  3. A Share Transfer Form (Signed)

  4. Cash Withdrawal (Signed)

  5. Two copies of valid passport (Please sign your signature as true copy)

  6. *A signed copy of your bank account page showing your bank account details as the following banks;

    - Bangkok Bank (BBL)                             - Krung Thai Bank (KTB)
    - Bank of Ayudhaya (BAY)                     - Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)
    - Kasikorn Bank (KBANK)                        - CIMB Thai Bank (CIMBT)
    - Thanachart Bank (TBANK)                    - Thai Military Bank (TMB)
    - United Oversea Bank (UOB)                 

  7. Transfer share fee + Duty Stamp + Other = Totally 80 THB

    * Remark: In case you attached the bank book as above No.6, The totally fees will be only 60 THB


Submit the document via KT ZMICO

>> Please complete all required documents and submit by post.

>> All must be arriving KTZMICO latest by April 17th, 2017.

>> For late submission or incompleted documents, we will not take any responsibility for any loss may incur.


Mailing Address

KT ZMICO Securities Co., Ltd (Tender Offer : BFIT- NVDR)

287 Liberty Square, 15th Floor, Operation Services Department,

Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, THAILAND


For Further Information Tel.

>> Contact Designated Marketing Officer

>> Contact the operation department

(662) 695 5000

(662) 695 5056 / (662) 695 5037


Best Regards,

KT ZMICO Securities Co., Ltd

BFIT-R _Tender Offer Acceptance Form.PDF
BFIT_Share Transfer Form.PDF
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