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Research Center

Advanced technology has made considerable inroads to improving connectivity, which has facilitated the exchange of information. This has become a major tool for investors to seek information, particularly when desiring investment opportunities.Our Investment Research team, with the help of computing technology and the Internet, has honed in on their analytical skills to provide our clients with crucial information on the capital as well as futures markets. In addition to primary data, we also offer timely research reports and technical analysis. Our highly experienced analysts have retained excellent connections with top managements of key companies particularly in connection with inquiries and discussions for in-depth analysis of the companies, from which inputs are fed into our financial models for valuation and recommendation purposes.

Moreover, our department is developing an efficient database system to increase the effectiveness and quality of our research analysis. These services can be accessed by our clients at our website. Investors who are interested in using these services on a trial basis can do so by registering via our website by the following steps:

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