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Additional Online Functions (ZNet Plus)

KTZMICO has developed the additional online functions to increase more efficiently in the real time ZNet Plus program i.e. Advance Alert, Quick Sell, Auto Trade, DCA, etc. If you would like to use the additional online functions, you must sign the additional contract and thoroughly study the terms/conditions from the additional online functions before access to our service.

How to Apply the Additional Online Functions in the Real Time ZNet Plus Program


1.You must hold any type of KTZMICO’s trading account as the following:

  • Cash Balance Account or
  • Cash Credit Limit Account
**Remark: Margin Loan Account is not able to access these functions.

2.The trading account as above (No.1) must be internet account.

The required documents are as following:

  1. Please download and complete “Addendum relating to Additional Online Function for the Securities Trading”
  2. A copy of your ID Card (Thai investors only) or Passport signed as a true copy.
**Please sign the signature same as given to the company and return all documents to your designated marketing officer.

You are able to request the additional online functions form along with the manual from your designated marketing officer Tel: 02 695 5000 or download and print from this website.



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