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ZNet OSX Real-Time Trading Program

"Z Net OS X" is real-time stock quote program that allows you to view real-time stock quotes and updated information of listed companies the entire trading day. All information will be automatically updated in a short second so that you won't miss an investment opportunity.

You may view real-time stock quotes without missing any real-time news of listed companies.

  • Macintosh Devices (MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air / iMac / Mac Mini or Mac Pro)
  • OS X 10.7.x or higher (recommend 10.8.x or higher)
  • Stability Internet Connection via Wifi / Lan
  • (Optional) Oracle Java 7 or higher (zLiberty)

Java for ZLiberty


VDO Tueterial

Introduce additional functions via the latest “ZNET OSX” update version

Order Entry

  • Additional Public Order function
  • Edit Order function (price and quantity)
  • Show Reject reason immediately

Real time data

  • Running data at the bottom of ZNET program
  • Provide Most active up to 20 Stock
  • Graph portrait

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