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eFin Trade Plus Real-time Program

eFin Trade Plus for Android

Program to monitoring real-time market data and trade online made you never miss an investment in any situation. I2Trade droid was developed to support the Android operating system both for mobile and tablet.

*Requirement: Mobile or Tablet with Android Operating System version 3.0.0 or later.


Detail of program:

  1. Follow movement of an investment in real-time including Foreign index.
  2. Quick and easy to send an order, cancel order, check profit/loss and status of orders.



How to install eFin Trade Plus

     1. GO to menu "Play Store" on your device.

     2. Search " efin Trade plus"
        (Must have Google Account (Gmail) for download application pass Android
         Market. Apply for Google Account (Gmail) at or apply
         pass Gmail icon on your device)

     3. After installed the efin Trade+ icon will display on your device.


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